Everything You Need To Know About Blogging Before Launching Your Own Blog

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Blogging is the process of providing informative material in written form about any topic. It doesn’t matter what your niche is. But choosing a trending topic is very important to grow your blogging career that directly impacts your future earning plan what will be your earring in the future.

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To understand blogging you must have to examine what is a blog and how does it work?

What is a blog?

The blog is the combination of two words Web and Log. It means a lot of knowledge about any topic in the form of written content to publish on websites.

In simple words, a blog is a form of a website, in which we publish informative articles. In other terms, we say it a blog post. Article and blogpost are two interchangeable words having the same meaning.

How does it Work?

Blog writing is an art but not easy because it is not what you like; you write. Blog writing aims to rank the article on Google’s first page to get more traffic because the more traffic, the more earning.

It is not the way to earn from posting articles on the blog. Advertising is one of the well-known sources of earning. But it is not much paying. We can earn in different ways.

· Advertising

· Amazon Affiliate Program

· More Affiliate Programs

How to make money from a Blog?

You must know before starting a blog. You cannot generate money quickly without any SEO. But once your blog ranks on Google, your blog earning will start, and now you no need to work hard on it.

You have to create a blog on your desired niche after researching trending topics. But it is not enough, post articles after doing SEO and keywords research, because SEO-optimized articles rank quickly on Google’s first page.

If your blog has started gaining organic traffic, now apply on Google AdSense in case you want to advertise their ads on the blog. You can make an affiliate blog to earn.

There are two common ways to earn from a blog;

Ads Network

There are many Ads networks, but AdSense is a very better choice than any other ads network. So, it is your own choice where you apply.

There are many ads network that pays for advertising on the blog. Google AdSense is one of the most famous networks to earn from blogs. We are providing some ads network. Check out.

· Google AdSense

· PopAds

· Propeller Ads

· Ezoic

· Monumetric

What are the criteria for an ad Network?

Each ad network has its own criteria. It depends on their strategy.

The rest of the network pay depending on CPC (Cost Per Click) or PPC (Pay Per Click) both are the same and PPV (Pay Per View).

CPC (Cost Per Click) or PPC (Pay Per Click):

When someone clicks on the ads, the ad network pays for this click based on the average rate.

Total cost divided by the total number of clicks.

PPV (Pay Per View)

When someone views the ad, it is calculated based on ad network criteria and paid you.

Affiliate Programs

Connecting the blog with the Affiliate program is a better way of earning as compared to an ads network because they pay when someone goes through your website to buy a product.

They pay 3% of the product price. For example;

If a product price is 100$, you will get 3% of it (i.e., 3$). It is an immeasurable choice to earn.

It will not work if we link a product link. We have to join the affiliate program. They will provide a link. If someone goes through that link and buys, you will be awarded 3% of that product.

There are many affiliate programs, but Amazon affiliate is one of the best of all. We are providing some affiliate programs you can check out.

Pros And Cons


  • The creation of a blog is so simple. We use templates like blogs or WordPress.
  • It is not rocket science. You will not have to think deeply. Write any topic about which you know well.
  • If you can write English well, you can start blogging. After writing some posts you will be able to write a great blog post.
  • It is a continuous earning source, once your blog starts gaining traffic by your hard work at the beginning of the blog in case you are uploading an SEO-friendly article.


  • It takes too much time to monetize for ads.
  • It fluctuates the income month to month if your future posts have not a good SEO score.
  • Changing in algorithm can have an impact on your grown blog.

How to create a blog | What are the requirements?

As you have been told, blogging is not rocket science. Automatically made templates like Blog and WordPress are used to create a blog.

WordPress is a responsive website template that has all the features of a website.

How to make a blog?


There is no need for hard work or investment to make a blog. You have to go to Google apps and sign up for an app blogger.

Muhammad Noman

We are also providing a direct link. You can access it efficiently and make a website by signing up.

Let’s make a Blog through Blogger.

Muhammad Noman


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The rest of the bloggers have made a blog with WordPress. It has more features like templates and plugins etc. We can make it beautiful with our coding as well.

Requirements for starting a blog with WordPress

  1. Jump at WordPress through the given link and sign up
  2. Choose a domain name with a Web host
  3. Buy hosting from Website Hosting
  4. Install the WordPress

Now, your blog is ready to upload content and articles. So, follow these steps to make a blog with WordPress.

Make a Blog with WordPress




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